About New HR for HR

New HR for HR is a dedicated forum for HR executives and professionals. It seeks to promote the value of human resources in organizations and to peel back the curtain of this oft-misunderstood area. With clear and concise explanations of the complex issues and practices that this field gets involved in managing, the goal of this site is to offer a space to openly address such issues which directly impact the organization and its employees. Although the site is mainly directed at the roles tasked with business partnership and talent management, it has application to all specialties within HR.

Similar to the way organizations consult with their HR departments, "HR for HR" is a term used in some organizations as the area where internal HR staff may turn to when they need advice, counsel, or mentoring. NewHRforHR.com is a site dedicated to further the understanding of HR's unique consultative approach, strategic focus, and people-oriented business alignment.